Would you rather win an Emmy award than a Cannes lion?
Join our content team as our new real time creative

Why do we need you?

  • Fill-in the content calendar for our brands with simple posts, but not only: think in GIF’s, think of interactive mechanisms, think of video ideas and shoot them with our in house production team
  • Create bright (social) ideas, but also distribute them in the best way possible.
  • Come up with fresh scripts for web series and hero content that people like to share.
  • Know social media inside out (and apply new “features” to our clients challenges before anyone else).
  • Understand how brand strategy & marketing objectives align with social
  • What are your talents?

  • You’re a hybrid creative who can work with photos and visuals, but also knows his or her way with words.
  • You can think of ideas, but also sketch, produce, post, boost and analyse their performance.
  • You like to work alone or in group, just like in a news room.
  • “Gif” is your middle name
  • About DDB Brussels

    To solve our client’s business issues, we favour our people’s skills instead of the latest buzzwords. Bringing together the best talents in strategy, technology, creation and production under one roof results in "work that works”.

    Our long-standing experience with people-focused brands (VW, IKEA, bpost bank…) inspires an internal culture based on creativity & humanity. This helps us come up with creative business solutions that interact with how people behave today. Our solutions go beyond what is traditionally labelled as advertising and can propel a brand for years.

    With a headcount of around 50 people, we are large enough to take up the most serious challenges, while remaining agile enough to respond in real-time to new opportunities. We are the people’s agency.

    Make sure to use an original subject line and send us your CV and motivation to dorian.vanbever[dskfhsdhsd7sh]ddb.be