Make your videos more epic
Add a classical audio filter


Classical music is slowly becoming a dying practice. People are losing their interest, simply because it’s getting irrelevant in today’s popular culture.

But what if we could bring classical music closer to people’s lives? Showing them how important classical music is, by applying it to our daily life.


Epicgram is the first classical audio filter that elevates your daily activities into epic movie moments, combining slow motion with symphonic masterpieces.

The app magically turns common daily activities into sharable content, supporting classical music at the same time.

How does it work? Users pick a video from the library or shoot some new footage, choose a highlight and add the classical audio filter of choice (dramatic – heroic – romantic – epic).

By teaming up with classical music label Apha Classics, users can jump directly to Spotify or iTunes to listen or purchase a classical song.


In only one week, 10.000 people downloaded the app and became promoters of classical music.

35% was of age 25-34

25% of all Epicgrams were shared on social media.

Every user listened to 3 classical songs. Resulting in a sales increase of 13% for music label Alpha music.

87 million impressions.

And more importantly, we made classical music relevant again in our lives.


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