Copywriter (NL)

Long story short, we hired Nicolas. He is amazing, creative and sweet. He is our youngest art director, but he has a problem … He has no soulmate. So, just like any mother hen would do, we have decided to intervene and look for his perfect match. Are you a lonesome cowb…pywriter looking for a partner? Well, buckle up and keep on reading. 

What do we expect from you?

  • You are the Lucky Luke of copy, quicker and wittier than your shadow.

  • You love writing radio commercials, it is basically your side hustle.

  • You are up to date with the newest trends, both offline and online.

  • You like, nay, you LOVE to work in team. Together with Nicolas, you will brainstorm for hours. And perhaps grab a drink afterwards. (Where you – unintentionally – continue brainstorming.)

  • You are not afraid to present your ideas to our creative director, Kwint.

  • And after Kwints feedback, you just keep going and make your ideas better.

  • Nicolas is looking forward to someone who is fun, has a positive attitude and is organised*. (*as organized as creatives can be)

  • You already feel the urge to completely rewrite this vacancy.

  • Obviously, you speak Dutch, but you're also comfortable speaking French.

  • And finally, you will find that perfect Dutch translation of that specific French saying, which you have never heard before.


What can you expect from us:

  • A friend for life, who goes by the name of Nicolas.

  • A super challenging job in an inspiring environment and a long-term commitment to be

  • An amazing client portfolio, such as: INNO, Bellewaerde, Kom op tegen Kanker, Peugeot, …

  • We are part of The Group (formerly TBWA Group). Together with 250 colleagues we occupy a vibrant coworking space in Zaventem.

  • A competitive salary combined with coaching and personal support to do what it takes.

  • The freedom to write your own story (minimal hierarchy, maximal autonomy).

  • A fun environment. Oh wait, we said that already. But when you mention it twice means that it must be true.


It is a match? Send us a message or slide into Nicolas’ DMs.