Strategic Planner

Strategic Planner


Of course, we’re always looking for the idea that you did not expect or the story that gives you goosebumps… but creativity is about much more than that. By adding the latest science, smart insights, data and technology to the mix, those goosebumps also have the power to influence market share.

At DDB, we believe when emotion meets reason, creativity is at its best. Think about it, or better yet, feel it. It is by doing the work nobody expected that you can achieve results that are beyond expectations.

DDB was founded on the principles of creativity and humanity, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for: someone who’s able to inspire creativity using real human insights.


1.     Roles & Responsibilities:

In this function, you are responsible, together with a multi-talented team, for the development of relevant communication campaigns based on real human insights, making a real difference for our clients.

Give direction and inspire the creative teams: 

• You translate the ‘client brief’ into an inspirational creative brief (in close collaboration with CD’s)

o   You understand the client’s problem and can identify the ‘real’ problem

o   Starting from real consumer insights you set up a clear communication approach and challenge

o   You nourish the creative teams with relevant insights/cases/ possibilities and trends

o   You have a useful presence in creative reviews & brainstorms

•  You put the consumer at the heart of the agency: you’re the consumer’s voice through the whole creative process.  

• Together with our connection planner, you’re able to set up the consumer journey:

o   Detect relevant touchpoints

o   Help them think in an integrated way.

• You guarantee alignment with overall brand strategy

• Give pro-active inspiration sessions for agency


Being a ‘strategic & creative sparring partner and inspirator for our clients

• You start from our client’s business problems and can translate it into a concrete marketing and communication plan.

• In close collaboration with the client and account team you translate their marketing plans into concrete and actionable communication plans.

• Based on research (consumer/brand/trends…) you’re able to push and convince our clients to ‘go beyond’ traditional advertising

• You inspire the client and let him discover how ‘creativity’ can make a difference for the brand.

• Together with our data strategist you’re able to:

o   Set out KPI’s

o   Ongoing analyses of communication approach


Growing the business:

• You detect and create ‘creative’ opportunities at our existent clients

• You take up key role in pitch process in close collaboration with pitch team

o   In close collaboration with management, you will be evolved in ‘new bizz’ action plans (prospects, approach etc.)

o   Market research (understanding market, consumer, competition, etc.)

o   Set up the creative brief and guidance of the creative process

o   Setting up relevant consumer journey

o   Write, rewrite & start over again

o   Present final (written or oral) results in a convincing way


2.    Something for you

• A passion reinventing brands and business

• Empathy is everything: understanding client & consumer

• Good and convincing presentation skills (oral & written)

• We don’t need someone who speaks like a consultant we need someone who speaks like a human.

• Background and education: unexpected works!

• Ownership & Team spirit: Ready to take up your responsibilities combined with the eagerness to work in diverse and talented team (we believe in complementarity)

• Ready to walk that extra mile à it’s our aim to create impactful campaigns that make a difference for our clients


3.     What we can offer you

• Of course, you will receive an attractive salary package.

• It’s our aim to create a top-notch strategic hub at DDB with cross fertilization of talent, departments, skills and where creativity is key. Surrounded by experts (data, CRM, content, technology, craft, PR, …) you’re able to learn, adapt and implement this expertise in your daily work. Collaboration is everything.

• We’re looking for someone who likes autonomy and is willing to take the driving seat of various projects.

• As creativity requires a lot of effort, people to convince and a lot of “NO’s” to overcome, agency life can sometimes be hard. Therefore, it’s our (and your) duty to make it as fun and human as possible.