DDB Brussels reinforces its ranks. Again!

DDB Brussels is proud to introduce their new employees. Astrid and Rachel are two experienced Account Executives who will work on BASE, IKEA and Volkswagen. Lien will enlighten the creative department with her bright ideas and Kenn will handle our PR and Press relations. 

New Account Executives

If you need inspiration for a movie tonight, you can always ask Astrid De Pret for advice. After graduating from Ihecs & from Ehsal, she worked in customer marketing at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment for 3 years. Besides internships at Euro RSCG in Brussels & London, this is her first job as an Account Executive in the advertising world. In her spare time you’ll find her playing hockey, backpacking, eating chocolate and enjoying some drinks with friends.

This perfectly bilingual ‘superwoman’ - recently turned 24 - lives in the city centre of Brussels with 4 roommates that could be the equivalent of an international "Friends"-cast. Rachel Van Nevel has a degree in communications and that’s exactly also what she loves to do in her free time... preferably over drinks in a nice bar! We’re happy to welcome her as our new account executive in the Volkswagen-team.

New Creative

This happy blonde girl looks full of passion and admiration at the world of advertising through her blue eyes. Lien Sonjeau is whiter than white, loves adventure and new challenges. If there is laughter, she loves to be around. But also for an honest opinion you can contact her, because this girl has her heart on her sleeve.As she puts it: "Less drama, more lama.”

New PR Storycrafter

This former Belgian football-star grew up near Brussels and studied Communication in Ghent. After he fulfilled the Belgian Ad School, he joined DDB in 2013 as a copywriter intern. Six months later, he left the house to become a journalist for Het Laatste Nieuws. After a year full of “pornsuperettes”,"cow massacres", "luxurious restaurants", "crazy festivals", and "erotic fairs", he’s ready to dive back into advertising. Kenn Van Lijsebeth will join DDB as PR, story crafter and copy.