Start to run with Peter Ampe at Eurobest

European award festival Eurobest announced a couple of new speakers for their Antwerp edition. One of those speakers is Peter Ampe, executive creative director at DDB Brussels. Peter will reveal one of the secrets behind his creativity; the influence of running on thinking.

He will do this under the title “The mind works best at 8 miles an hour". For philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau it didn’t have to go that fast, but a couple of centuries ago he too confirmed that his head and legs always worked together. Rousseau used to go for walks when meditating on certain topics.

Ampe likes things a little bit faster; he thinks the mind works best when running. To find out the ins and outs you’ll have to wait until early December, which is when he’s speaking at the Antwerp Arenberg Theatre. The running seems to be working. Over the last ten years Ampe won 26 Lions in Cannes as well as 10 Effies.