bpost bank

A Chinese Whispers game to explain investment funds

With the slogan "Quand c’est bien expliqué, tout le monde peut investir" ("When it's well explained, everyone can invest"), bpost bank continues to position itself as the bank which simplifies banking. In a new campaign, DDB shows how bpost bank can easily help you in your investment matters. Discover the result of the experiment below.

Investing remains a complex subject for the majority of us. bpost bank wants to change that. They've chosen an explanatory approach and their main goal is to be able to communicate as easily and as effectively as possible.

"When it's well explained, everyone can invest"

The experiment

The bank gets the message across clearly via a campaign which combines TV, pre-rolls, content, displays and press. The TV spot features an experiment based on the Chinese Whispers game. One of bpost bank's financial experts explains what an investment fund is to a client. He asks that same client to explain the financial terms to a second client who then explains them to a third. The latter then had to give a clear definition of the financial terms of an investment fund to the expert. It was a success.

In addition to a 30 second TV spot, there also exists a longer version for bpost bank's social media networks.