A good day starts with a good night

In 2018, IKEA focused their efforts on the living room and the dining room. In 2019, they decided to tackle two other rooms: the bedroom and the bathroom.

"The challenge is huge. Studies all point in the same direction - the bedroom and the bathroom are the most forgotten rooms in the house. They're considered less important to decorate. Basically, 'Why decorate? We don't spend much time in our bedroom, except when sleeping'", explains Maarten De Neve, Data and CRM strategist at DDB. The difficulty is to convince the public that decorations and furniture arrangements in bedrooms and bathrooms are just as important for a better quality of life.

IKEA's strategic focus is "Get ready for life". Going to bed and sleeping also means charging the batteries for the next day. The environment in which we sleep - and wake up - plays an important role in the quality of our sleep and hence directly influences each and every body's quality of life.

The Rhythm of the Night

For this campaign, IKEA and DDB reworked a film directed by Havas Lemz et Czar Amsterdam - 60", 35" and 20" - where a couple and their baby go to bed. As the night goes on, you realise that their old room is turning into an IKEA room. Each element plays an active role in sleeping well. As if by magic, the blinds close, a wardrobe puts away the clothes, the drawers are filled... The next morning, when the alarm goes off, the whole family is fully recharged and ready to live a beautiful day.

As in previous IKEA movies, DDB chose a surprising soundtrack.

"The soundtrack is a key part of a movie. It's part of the magic. After Aznavour, Queen and Nathaniel Rateliff, we were lucky enough to be able to choose a global hit that has set millions of people's night on fire: 'The Rhythm of the Night' by Corona", explain the creatives Antoinette Ribas and Gregory Ginterdaele. "The idea was simply to make it into a lullaby version."

To make Belgians aware of the importance of sleeping in an inspiring room, and the benefits of waking up in a bathroom where one feels good, DDB imagined a social media campaign in the form of a survey. "The goal is absolutely not to take ourselves seriously with a sociological survey," explains Maria-Laura Laubenthal, account at DDB. "We chose to keep a light-hearted tone." The result came out on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign began on March 4 and will continue throughout 2019.