The new Audi A4 puts pedestrians in the spotlight


The new Audi A4 was publicly launched in July. The first new A4’s would only be available in Belgium in November. The challenge was to keep the attention and interest for this long awaited model high for a long period. Both new and existing consumers needed to hear about the new Audi A4 and its innovative technology.


The new Audi A4 is especially worth checking out because of its innovative technology. That's why we decided to have the new Audi A4 make the city safer. At night, pedestrians are more vulnerable. Especially in big cities. We integrated the adaptive headlights, normally found in the new Audi A4, into a 210 m2 billboard. The lights followed pedestrians and made it safer for them to cross the busy streets around the billboard. This way Audi proves the adaptive headlights are there for safety.

Makes the city safer

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The video was picked up by newspapers & car blogs from Belgium to Mexico.