The Flemish Alzheimerliga

Alzheimer Ticket


With more than 190,000 people affected, Alzheimer's is one of the biggest diseases in Belgium. Yet it lacks the visibility it deserves. With many health organizations asking for support, it can be hard to sensitize. So it is becoming extremely difficult to increase awareness in people who are not affected by the disease.
Therefore, we must reach people in a new and surprising way. Grabbing their attention at the right time and place.


On World Alzheimer Day we targeted people who forget casual things, just like people suffering from Alzheimer's do. We partnered up with parking guards who found people that forgot to pay their parking tickets. For this one time only, they escaped the bill and got a chance to donate the amount to the Alzheimer League.


  • 15% of the receivers chose to donate. Even with a response rate 2x higher than the average DM, we’re still a bit disappointed in humanity
  • Our idea created a nationwide conversation on TV, Radio and newspapers
  • With an extremely low cost of €200, our idea reached 2,8 million Belgians