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We let a man’s life depend on the quality of the BASE network

Mobile provider BASE lets man’s life depend on the quality of its network

BASE, Belgium’s third telco provider has a great network (and the studies to prove it). But against all evidence, Belgians dismissed BASE as a weak network. How could we counter this?

On the Go Mobile platform BASE broadcasts daily newsroom content that motivates people to live a more mobile life. Besides the daily content, the platform also needed campaign content to achieve impact.

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How would we convince Belgium that BASE’s network is really good? Simple, we let someone’s life depend on the quality of the network.

Introducing Gideon. Gideon is your average Joe, even a bit of a nerd. Gideon was left behind in the middle of the woods with only a smartphone, the BASE network, and a solar pack to charge that smartphone. The adventures were filmed and turned into a reality TV-show.

An agile production team was set up to launch the reality series for BASE. Episodes like regular series, with it’s own trailer and a fixed program schedule online and on 2 national TV-channels.

The ‘webisodes' were broadcasted over a time span of 5 weeks and created a real audience for the adventures of Gideon.

If you wanted to know more about the apps he used, you could see his mobile behaviour on the Go Mobile platform. It contained direct links to tariffs and network information. Owned media channels like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook were used to spread the #BackToBASE videos. More than 20 #BackToBASE articles were published: episodes synopsis, apps Gideon used and mobile tips. Other content on the Go mobile platform consisted of infographics, tips for a mobile life, phone and app reviews.


Featured on:

National and international newswebsites and blogs. The episodes were aired on national tv channels RTL & Discovery Channel.