The first animated .gif commercial on television


As ever, our main challenge for BASE is to further raise awareness and improve attitudes towards the brand, but this summer’s promotional campaign also had to increase consideration rates and sales as well.

We needed to promote the fact that BASE were offering FREE mobile internet/data towards YouTube, Deezer, Spotify & Pokémon Go throughout the summer, on top of free mobile Internet during the European Cup games of the Red Devils (the national football team).


DDB created a new TV ad. highlighting this fact using animated .gifs – these are the animated picture-based files that loop together to form a short film. This format of file has been a feature of the web for more than 25 years, and has since become part of our digital lives making it an ideal vehicle for a digital mobile brand such as BASE.

The first .gif TV spot showed a number of different summer activities, particularly those connected and helped by a smartphone. The idea was further amplified in other media including social, digital and radio.

The campaign was also supported by live-activation activity at the Q-Beach House and at major festivals. For example, the public was able to make a personal .gif of their favourite dance moves and create Snapchat tattoos making it easier than ever to make new contacts ;-)