Become an investigator with IKEA's Kitchen Crime Scene

With Batibouw coming around the corner, DDB Brussels and IKEA launched a new campaign to promote the quality of IKEA's kitchens, the only kitchens with a 25-year guarantee.

The creatives started from a very familiar situation: after cooking a delicious meal, the kitchen often resembles a real crime scene.

An online campaign leads the users to the IKEA website where they can lead their own investigation to find out which meal was prepared in the kitchen. To help them, an online video allows them to walk around the "crime" scene and collect clues. Files containing pieces of evidence and testimonies from the witnesses who were at the evening meal are also available to conduct a full inquiry.

In addition to the online activation, a print and a radio campaign highlight the slogan "make our kitchens suffer", thus reinforcing the quality promise of IKEA kitchens.