bpost bank

bpost bank helps you keep control with MOBILE banking

DDB Brussels created a new campaign to promote the bpost bank app. We’ve illustrated the new features of the app with a funny TV commercial and some online videos.

Thanks to all kinds of online payment options, it’s very easy to spend money today. Fortunately, bpost bank’s app allows customers to monitor their expenses and manage their money better.

With a growing number of online payments, it has never been so tempting and simple to spend your money. With the features of MOBILEbanking, bpost bank customers can now manage their finances and keep their money under control.

We came up with different characters who, like many of us, sometimes have trouble managing their money. Each of the characters, just like Bernard - the hero of the film – spends their money a bit too easily. All the characters are based on real consumer insights.

"The goal of the film was for people to recognize themselves in one of the characters. Because to be honest, we’re all the same. Who has never offered a round of drinks in the evening without giving it a second thought? Or who has never been afraid to have no more money on their account at the end of the month?", explains Frederic Zouag, one of the creatives behind the campaign.

Thanks to the bpost bank app, these kinds of situations are rare.

The 3 online videos and the TV spot each explain a feature of the app:

"Notifications" warns you, among other things, if your balance gets too low.

With "Scan & Pay" you can pay an invoice directly by scanning it.

And with "Card Manager" you can temporarily block a lost card ... until you find it again in your pocket or in the bottom of your handbag.

With this app and campaign, bpost bank and DDB continue to build on the strategy "Let's be clear" started 3 years ago. The TV spot and the online videos were made in collaboration with Fred de Loof and production house Hamlet.