Bring your living room to life


At IKEA, this past year has been all about the "Living Room". It's the place where hours are spent with the family, friends and close ones. "The living room is a place with a thousand faces", explains Miguel Aguza from IKEA. "Not only in its design, but also in the things people do there. It's an area where the mundane comes to life and where obligations and dreams intertwine. This is why IKEA wants to offer practical advice and innovative solutions."


IKEA and DDB Brussels launched the first TV spot which supports the annual theme of the "Living Room". A total of four ads will be made, each illustrating a different angle. IKEA's mission is to show Belgians how to make the most of their home, their shared moments and their everyday lives. The living room plays an essential role. It's the most important room in the house and we can do so many different things there. IKEA wants to show Belgians the different possibilities that a living room has to offer and how easy it is to furnish it according to your own tastes.

The living room is a place of life and party.

A series of four

The first spot of the series focusses on friendship, the next 3 will cover other topics. We can see in this first spot how a group of friends prepare for a surprise party. And it's acrobatically surprising. The living room remains a room that inspires us. No other room can generate as many emotions. It's a place of life and party. At IKEA, we want to help you make these moments memorable.