Classic Parts

Volkswagen has all the missing parts for your classic VW


In 2016, Volkswagen Belgium launched “Volkswagen Classic Parts”, a service supplying original classic parts for Volkswagen models that go back more than 25 years. How could we position this new service from the start as an expert in classic parts.


All owners of a classic Volkswagen got a piece that’s very hard to find these days: a classic audio cassette. The cassette contained music hits from the 70s and 80s. We collaborated with Sony Music to obtain the distribution rights of this unique compilation. The playlist was also put on Soundcloud for those who are not so lucky to own a VW classic car.


  • All owners of a VW oldtimer were traced via fanclubs.
  • 15% already used the coupon to order classic parts.
  • Music & other blogs talked about a “revival of the audio cassette.” (Contagious)
  • Even fans of other car brands asked a copy of the cassette.