Counting sheep

In this new spot we discover a herd of sheep in the middle of a man’s living room … fortunately he finds the situation rather amusing. The man dreams for a moment or two in his new chair and immediately finds himself in the middle of twenty sheep. He first tries to drive them out of his living room, but then decides to let the animals be. It turns out of course, that he is a perfect shepherd!


With this spot, IKEA wants to emphasise the natural elements in a living room. This can come in many forms, and includes natural materials, silence and the lush plants that can sometimes be found there. IKEA wants to invite everyone to disconnect for a moment by bringing nature into his or her living room. DDB translated this idea with an amusing commercial featuring a flock of sheep in the lead role.


The living room plays a vital role for IKEA. It is the most important room in the house and can be used for various activities, depending on the time, the situation and the age of the occupants. IKEA wants to make Belgians aware of the many possibilities offered by their living room and show them how easy it is to transform a living room into something else.

IKEA attaches great importance to animal welfare. All the sheep in the television spot were, of course, treated with the greatest of respect.

The campaign - which includes digital, social and TV - was created in collaboration with the production company CZAR, and director Joe Vanhoutteghem.