DDB and IKEA teach people how to read again

The new IKEA catalogue is about to be released. But because we are all apping, snapping, binging, and liking, many of us seem to have forgotten how to read a book. This is why DDB Brussels created a tutorial for the launch of the new IKEA catalogue. It explains, in a step-by-step manner, how you should read a book… you know: the thing with ink and paper.

In the film we see a woman who clearly has forgotten how to read a book. She tries to swipe and zoom in, but nothing happens. That is, until the voice-over offers some useful assistance.

In 5 steps, from holding a book to finding the right light, the woman is gradually readied for the new catalogue. Although she doesn’t immediately master it, which leads to some interesting situations.

At the same time, we see the well-known IKEA product names that, instead of indicating the price, direct you to the product page in the catalogue.

The film, directed by Jevon Lambrechts, will be distributed through the IKEA Family newsletter, on the website and via social media.