DDB raises 1.986 glasses for the Warmste Week

DDB Brussels designed a TV spot to thank all the participants of De Warmste Week. That is to say almost all of Flanders! And once again this year was a real record edition. Indeed, no less than 1.986 charitable organizations were registered (344 more than last year) for which people were able to organize solidarity actions. We translated this amazing result into a TV spot with as many champagne glasses as there were of participating organizations.

This year again, a huge amount of money was collected for De Warmste Week. Thanks to this surge of generosity, 1.986 charities will be able to spend a warm New Year. In fact, with the money raised, they will be able to help more people in need, optimize their operations, advance research, and so on. DDB illustrated this good news with a unique installation: 1,998 glasses that clink together to symbolize every charity that was helped.

The 50-second spot takes you along a wooden structure (specially created for the occasion) on which the 1,986 glasses clink for the new year. This magnificent work is the work of Tanker who used a remote controlled car to put the glasses in motion, all under the eye of director Raf Wathion.

Once again thank you ... and cheers!