DDB looks back at Unibet’s road to victory

DDB Brussels is launching a TV campaign highlighting the story of Unibet, and how it became the number one firm in online betting. Year after year, victory after victory, Unibet has gone all in to grow from a newcomer to the Belgian market leader in online betting.

A history in the history of sport

Like any great athlete, Unibet started out at the bottom and had to make responsible choices to climb the ladder. Victory in sport is achieved through great effort, perseverance and professionalism. It’s also how Unibet became number 1.

Since its inception in 1997, Unibet has made every effort to make online betting more responsible. (Sports) betting is a form of entertainment that needs to be enjoyed sensibly, at all times. And it is thanks to this transparent and responsible attitude that Unibet has been able to offer its player base a safe playing environment, all the while keeping competitors on their toes. That’s the mark of a true leader.

To celebrate this journey, DDB has developed a TV spot that focuses on the most important milestones in the history of the brand, mixed in with the biggest national and international sports achievements.

Producing a champion

For the visual production, DDB made use of production company Hamlet and director Max Pauwels. The result is an epic black and white film with a rough, and yet polished look that is strengthened by the dynamic of the brand’s graphic identity. The production looks at how important it is to make strenuous efforts, just like in Unibet’s story. And how these efforts are now paying off. A new collaboration, a calculated risk, and using the exceptional talent of Max to translate Unibet’s tone of voice to the screen.

Discover the spot here below, on TV and on Unibet’s social networks.