DDB makes everyone foodbank on Christmas Eve.

The Belgian Federation of Foodbanks and DDB launch #IedereenVoedselbank / #ToutlemondeBanqueAlimentaire, an initiative to give everyone a lovely meal on Christmas Eve. In normal circumstances, many people spend the 24th in the kitchen preparing a festive meal for the entire family. As we all know, that will not be possible this year. However, can we preserve the tradition of cooking for others? This Christmas Eve, we would like to encourage people to prepare a Christmas dinner as if the entire family was coming, but to give the extra meals to a family in need. That way, we all cook a little more for those who have less.

In a year in which demands for food aid have increased by 10%, this initiative comes at the right time. “Not only do we notice a rise in fixed demands of single parents and the elderly, but due to the corona crisis, much more people cannot afford to buy food. Middle-class families of which the parents are facing temporarily unemployment or have lost their job suddenly see their income decline or disappear altogether. Many students who usually make ends meet by working at a bar or restaurant are now forced to come to us”, says Jozef Mottar, Managing Director of the Belgian Federation of Foodbanks.

On the platform households in need are linked to volunteers with a warm heart all over Belgium. The people who would like to cook for others can register on the platform, fill in their postal code and look for a family nearby for whom they want to cook. Together they can arrange how the food can safely be delivered. Erika Vlieghe, Head of the Department of General Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at the University Hospital Antwerp: “I can only applaud initiatives like these because we have to keep taking care of each other during these difficult times, especially of those struggling to make ends meet. This initiative shows that it can be done in a way that is corona-proof.”

The Belgian Federation of Foodbanks and DDB want to explicitly thank Colruyt Group, Fluvius, Coca-Cola and Lipton to help turn an idea into the initiative that it is today. Chefs looking for easy, yet delicious recipes can go to the website of Colruyt Group Academy. “Colruyt Group is a loyal partner of the foodbank since 1997. In 2019 the group donated 4,262 tonnes of food. And even in this atypical year, Colruyt Group is committed to support to the most vulnerable amongst us. Through #IedereenVoedselbank / #ToutlemondeBanqueAlimentaire we work towards to a better society, step by step,” says Koen De Maesschalck, responsible for Corporate Affairs at Colruyt Group. Laura Brems, Director Public Affairs, Communications & Sustainabiliy Belux at Coca-Cola Services: “The corona crisis affects everyone. We hope to play a part in spreading warmth and comfort during the holidays, both as a company as well as individuals.” “And even though we are competitors, it is with great pleasure that we at Lipton can work together with Coca-Cola on this initiative,” adds Kris Michiels, Marketing Director at Unilever, with a smile.

Let’s all get behind the stove for #IedereenVoedselbank / #ToutlemondeBanqueAlimentaire on Christmas Eve. Thank you and bon appétit!