De Warmste Week


It’s increasingly difficult to raise money for one charity. Imagine having to raise money for over 1000 charities. In this campaign, the use of PR was crucial to get the support of the nation. Especially when it lives in times of terror and other social issues.

Public Radio Broadcast, Studio Brussel, gave us a challenging brief for a charity event titled 'Music for Life'. They wanted us to create a positive movement in a world where solidarity is under threat. Instead of supporting one good cause, we chose to help every Belgian organization in need.



'Music For Life' is a charity concept by public broadcast station VRT, and supported by well-known radio station Studio Brussel. During one week, VRT hosted «a big warm party» via radio, live events and social media. In 2016, Music For Life raised money for over 1000 different charity organizations in Flanders. All of these organizations set up their own 'warm' activations to collect money. Listeners could support one specific charity, or all of them at the same time by participating with Studio Brussels.

We launched a national appeal with the new claim “Everyone takes care of everyone”.

How? By showing the ultimate form of solidarity: people with a disability asked for support, not for their own condition, but for people with other disabilities. Their selflessness inspired the whole nation and became a symbol of hope and strength.

To succeed in this ambitious project, the use of PR was of great importance. That's why we made a series of testimonials - and their beautiful stories - showing the ultimate form of solidarity. Result: the message struck a chord nationwide. The people who were featured in the campaign became frontpage news and journalists wanted to know more about their story. A series of online documentaries made the appeal for care complete.

Flanders donated a staggering amount of
€ 5.102.730

The results were overwhelming. The testimonials became frontpage news and featured as double paged spreads in the national press.

In total: 3.345 charity events organized and 1045 charity organizations registered. Warmathon: Flanders ran the world 4,5 times to raise money.

The campaign symbol - the pin - was sold 95.000 times. It was worn on Belgium’s most watched program “De Slimste mens” (1.2 million viewers) and by chef Jeroen Meus (700.000 viewers).

Music For Life reached 84% of all Flemish people.