Embrace the De Warmste Week

"Everyone takes care of everyone" remains the unifying thread of De Warmste Week.

After launching a series of TV spots for De Warmste Week, we prolonged the campaign with a series of portraits by renowned photographer Kurt Stallaert, each expressing a beautiful moment of tenderness and complicity with a striking message, each with its own backstory.


Diederick & Meindert

Diederick was starting his career as a professional cyclist when fate hit. A trip on his motorbike ended up being nearly fatal, hit by a car which threw him onto yet another car. The second car exploded, causing serious burns to Diederich's body. He's now a professional runner for Quick-Step and can fully concentrate on his sport.

Meindert is a fireman and has been committed to the Fire for Life action for a few years now. He knows better than anyone what consequences a fire can have. That's why, once again this year, he's dedicated himself to De Warmste Week.

Joeri & Lesley

Joeri lost one of his arms and an eye back in 2015 after being hit by a truck at a junction. After his accident, promises were made about securing the crossroad, but three years later still nothing had been done. In 2018, another fatal accident happened on that same junction. For Joeri, that was enough. He's still fighting for the junction to be made safer.

Lesley, along with RimaTrans, organises truck races in favor of Rondpunt asbl, which is committed to helping victims of road accidents such as Joeri. Over 1000 trucks participated in the Truckrun everywhere in Flanders.

Wim & Rune

Wim caught a cyst on his wrist in 2014 which should have easily been eliminated with a simple operation. The cyst however turned out to be a malignant tumor which threatened to grow instead of being easily treatable. The arm had to be amputated.

Rune is an ergotherapist in UZ-Gent's revalidation center. In order to give a voice to people such as Wm, he created a play with 12 patients in support of Piekernie asbl, an association created for and by paralysed and amputee patients. To make it financially stable, they sold artwork by Lise Cayers at an auction last year. This year Rune is working on another artistic projects with new patients.