IKEA and DDB want to make Belgians dream more

Being able to fly or travelling over a landscape made of ice cream. Everything is possible in a dream. Sadly, not everyone gets to enjoy such dreams, in fact more than 20% of Belgians have difficulties sleeping1 and almost 1 in 8 takes some form of sleeping medication2. It’s why IKEA and DDB are pulling out all the stops to help people sleep better, and dream more. After all, every night deserves a dream.

IKEA’s mission during 2019? Helping Belgians sleep better. For the right room design also helps people sleep better and find their way to dreamland. A land where everything is possible. For the launch of this mission, DDB Brussels has created a 30” spot in which a bed defines the direction to follow and whisks the viewer away through dreamland. To a remake of ‘Where is my Mind’ by The Pixies, we see a dreaming woman floating away from her bedroom. A whale in the clouds, ice cream landscapes: her bed takes her to all these things. After all, an IKEA bed is not just a bed. It has been built to make you dream.

This poetic and dreamy commercial, which was directed by Jorrit Stollman, is a Wenneker production and will be viewable on TV, online and in cinemas. The song remake was composed by Peter Baert from Raygun.

Interactive dream rooms

But that’s not all, as IKEA encourages you to dream even more in an interactive dream room. Just by lying on an IKEA bed you’ll be transported to a surprising dream world. This activation will be launched on 9 September during the opening of the IKEA pop-up store in Leuven and can be experienced there until 20 September. You can also dream away in three Belgian train stations (Ghent-Sint-Pieters on 12 and 13 September, Brussels-Central on 18 and 19 September, Liege on 26 and 27 September) and four IKEA stores on 27 and 28 September (Arlon, Hasselt, Mons and Wilrijk).

Sleep festival

If you want everything you need to enjoy optimal sleep and dreams, check out all the IKEA products on the website, in stores or come to the IKEA Sleep Festival on the 27th and 28th September in all IKEA stores. There, experts are on hand with all sorts of tips on how not to lose sleep over sleeping. Because IKEA believes that every night deserves a dream.

1 Source: Federal Public Health Service
2 Source: Scientific Institute of Public Health