Make room for passion

“Bring your living room to life”

IKEA and DDB Brussels launched the 3rd TV spot around this year’s theme: “Bring your living room to life”. In a new and passionate film, we see a couple skating harmoniously in the living room to the tones of the famous French singer, Charles Aznavour. A fun detail: the actors are also ex-skaters in real life.

IKEA’s mission is to get Belgians to fully enjoy their homes, their time and their lives. The living room plays an essential role in this. The new IKEA TV spot shows a couple of older figure skaters once again enjoying ‘skating’ and reliving their passion. They do this by first moving the chairs, sofas and tables aside to create space and then slide around on their socks. This romantic scene takes them back to their glory days. The living room is totally transformed into a real ballroom and easily becomes the ideal setting to express their emotions and have fun.