How to reach 3 million people with a wobbler?

The Volkswagen Beetle Convertible is designed for drivers to really enjoy a summer day. Unfortunately, those days are rare in Belgium and always highly anticipated. We were asked to create buzz during the launch of the VW Beetle Convertible and gather new leads to encourage test-drives.

Belgians are always checking the weather. Every month there are 3 million people watching the meteo-cams images of the Belgian coast. That is why Volkswagen launched a new medium, the so-called meteo-wobblers: banners that were attached to the webcams.

twice more
registrations for a test-drive

By putting the VW Beetle Convertible in the picture, whenever the weather was good, we strengthened the image and the positioning of the Beetle as "the ideal car to enjoy the summer". The campaign doubled the number of registrations for a test-drive in comparison with previous months.