Online Signing


The biggest Belgian book fair attracts over 150 000 people all wanting their favorite authors’ autograph. Many traditional bookstores organize Meet & Greets with popular authors in order to attract potential customers to their stores. Online bookstore wanted to find a better alternative that makes online book sales just as personal.


We invited seven famous Flemish writers to take place behind our webcam during the book fair. Through online signings sessions, brought Belgium's best-selling authors into Flemish households.


11%’s brand awareness increased with 11%

42%’s brand … doubled from 21% to 42%


Traffic to the online store increased with 26%


Booksales increased with 14% in comparison with previous months became Belgium’s most popular online store
and surpassed Amazon and Fnac.

Via online banners and social media, we called on the public to sign up for these session's. Each participant received a signed copy of the book. The sessions were streamed live through’s website and were uploaded on YouTube.