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PhoneAddress™ turns your smartphone into a delivery address
Rethinking e-commerce

Forget your home address, here’s PhoneAddress™, a totally new service developed by Belgian mobile provider BASE. PhoneAddress™ is a new application that lets your online orders be delivered to your 'phone address' instead of your home address. Do you want to have pizza in the park? Or do you want to get swimming trunks delivered on the beach? PhoneAddress™ makes it all possible. And the great thing about it: this new app connects the delivery service with the consumers in an interactive way, so whenever you move, your address moves with you. Via the GPS signals from your phone the app knows exactly where you are and when you need your orders delivered.

BASE - Phone Address
New possibilities for e-commerce

PhoneAddress™ will make e-commerce much simpler in the future, more flexible and above all more mobile. This is how it works: You can have anything delivered where you actually are. Are you out and about for your job the whole day and still want to receive a package? No problem. We link the app of the purchaser to that of the 'delivery boy', and thereby create a connection between the two. With PhoneAddress™, the delivery guy can always locate you. And as a user, you can even follow the route of your order through Google Maps.

First partners line up

A beta version of PhoneAddress™ is currently available free of charge on the Android Play Store. Belgian Food delivery service “Royal Delivery” is the first to partner up with BASE. But this is only the beginning, other partners from every sector imaginable will have the opportunity to step into the eco-system.

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