Studio Brussel

tomorrow's stars

This year like every other, Studio Brussel is the one and only festival radio station. You can listen to more interviews, more info and more live music than on any other station. But Studio Brussel isn’t just interested in the big headliners. To them, discovering emerging bands is just as important. To prove this, Studio Brussel and DDB launch two new TV spots in which two super talented 8-year-olds play their hearts out.

Studio Brussel has always had an uncanny knack for finding new talents. Since its birth, the radio station has given many young bands a chance, such as Black Box Revelation, Compact Disk Dummies, Tamino and SONS, to only mention a few. Many more have ended up on stage at some of the biggest music festivals.

With Mirko, 8 years old, and Vince, 7, Studio Brussel has found even younger talents. Behind their drums and turntables, they're already true stars despite their very young age. Today, they're already dreaming of being on the main stage. And nobody will be surprised to see them there in a few years' time.