Protected by
of experience

Since the introduction of the Golf, 40 years ago, Volkswagen has made innovative technologies available for the public. To celebrate this historic birthday, DDB Brussels made a fitting TV and YouTube spot for Volkswagen Belgium. ‘Safety by experience’ is the central theme in the spot in the typical Volkswagen tradition.

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7 generations protection

The current Volkswagen Golf is already the seventh generation. With this generation key technologies are democratized again. The emergency brake function, Front Assist helps to prevent a collision with a vehicle ahead. When the vehicle approaches too close, the driver gets warning. When the driver does not respond, Front Assist slows the car down to reduce the probability of a collision.

The Adaptive Cruise Control system of the Golf works with an automatic distance control. The system maintains a constant speed and a constant distance to the vehicle ahead of your car, using a radar. In case of a slower vehicle up front, the Adaptive Cruise Control slows down the car. If necessary, the system brings the vehicle to a complete stop.

7 generations