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The objective was to grow enthusiasm for Belgian beer… amongst Belgians! For years beer consumption rates are dropping in Belgium. People in Belgium tend to perceive Belgian beer merely as a commodity, for special occasions more and more Belgians prefer wine and cava.


In a tiny country like Belgium, you first need to become successful abroad before you get recognition in Belgium. We noticed Belgian beer beeing famous around the world but Belgians didn't realize it (yet). We leveraged existing foreign enthusiasm for Belgian beer, to stimulate national pride for Belgian beer.

social impressions on launch day

Phase 1: Making Belgium rediscover the foreign success of Belgian beer. A special app on Facebook gathered all online compliments that were given to Belgian beer around the world. We shot 3 short films about Belgian Beer enthusiasts in the USA, China & France. Short versions were aired as commercials on Belgian TV. The long versions were promoted via YouTube & Facebook

Phase 2: Give them tools to demonstrate their newfound pride We turned the national flag into a national beer flag. Just by adding white foam, the yellow part now looks like a fresh pint of beer. The flag and specially designed tasting glasses can be bought on the webshop.


The amount of Facebook fans increased with a staggering 3800%. Our Facebook community grew to 34.000 fans in less than 2 weeks time. Up until now we tracked compliments coming from 366 cities in 28 different languages. The media attention generated by our campaign incited the government to submit Belgian beer culture to the UNESCO world heritage list.

The campaign-effect on Belgians:

  • 53% now feels more proud about Belgian beer.
  • 36% more people bring beer instead of wine to a dinner party
  • 33% say they drink more often Belgian Beer

Social media reach of 3 million people
(in a country of 10 million inhabitants)