Studio Brussel

Reversed guitar signing for the Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters headlined 2017's edition of Rock Werchter, one of the biggest European music festivals. The American band was supposed to play at Werchter two years before, but had to cancel their show because Grohl broke his leg on tour.

For most music fans, a guitar signed by a rockstar is the ultimate memorabilium. But to surprise Dave Grohl, Belgian radio station Studio Brussel turned this practice around. It asked festivalgoers at Rock Werchter to put their autograph on a guitar, which was then given to Grohl. The Foo Fighters' lead singer was so delighted with this gift, that he decided to play his fan-signed guitar on stage, in front of the festival’s 80.000 spectators.

"This is the best gift ever"

For four days, music fans at the festival ground were invited to put their autograph on a Gibson ES-335, Dave Grohl’s favourite guitar. When the radio station handed it over to Grohl, the rock star was impressed: ‘No one has ever done that for me… This is amazing.’ The Foo Fighters' frontman promised to play it on stage, which he eventually did, to great delight of the thousands of fans watching the show.