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Run the Warmathon with Motiveters©

Registrations are now open for the Warmathon. And this year, for the first time, you can run for the charity of your choice. Part of the registration fee will go to 1 of over 1000 charities that you choose to personally support.

And if that isn't enough motivation to keep you going, every registration comes with a free pair of Motiveters©. A nice little gadget that reminds you that making an effort isn't as hard when it's for a good cause.

The Motiveters© allow runners of the Warmathon to be visible and show their motivation throughout the year.
But above all, it helps you to keep going as a runner.
Because it's a well known fact that running is a perpetual battle between your legs and your mind. But now, even uphill, or with a side stitch, or with rubbing running gear, that voice in your head quickly changes to "Come on, don't give up".

Because every time you look down at your feet, you suddenly remember why you are running: for your self-chosen charity.
And that feeling continues well after the Warmathon. With the Motiveters©, you'll be able to forget about giving up and find the energy to keep on going.
Forget about the most expensive running shoes or the best sports drinks on the market. Simply sign up to the Warmathon, get your pair of free Motiveters© and discover your willpower.