Stereoclip's live performance tortures IKEA's kitchen

“The Sound of Kitchen” is the result of an experiment in which the music is composed with the sounds of an IKEA kitchen.


In order to highlight IKEA’s kitchen’s quality - said to be “lifeproof” - and their unique 25-year guarantee, DDB Brussels imagined a new campaign: “The Sound of Kitchen”, the very first electronic music track created whilst torturing a kitchen.


“An IKEA kitchen can absorb the blows”, that’s what the talented artist, Stereoclip, proved by creating his music.

For two weeks, Stereoclip experimented and researched the best sounds he could get out of the kitchen. On top of that, he also did a 40-minute live show at the Vaudeville Theatre in Brussels. An event aimed at a select audience, based on their recent interest in the brand’s kitchens.

“An IKEA kitchen can absorb the blows”