Store Opening


IKEA Belgium opened 2 new showrooms in Mons & Hasselt, 2 cities where local identity is important. Locals perceived IKEA as a major international brand and an up-and-coming foothold. How could we make IKEA a local actor and give people the opportunity to discover the IKEA concept?


A few weeks before the opening and for the first time, IKEA opened 3 micro stores in each city center: a Design Store, its famous Kids Corner and of course, a Bar à Boulettes. People loved it: at one point the Bar à Boulettes was serving 1000 meatballs an hour. In total the micro shops attracted 74.000 visitors.

Thanks to this local approach, people felt part of the celebration prior to the 2 big openings. This localized strategy was even more strengthened by using a hyper geolocated campaign. When IKEA closed the micro stores in the city center and moved to the definitive showrooms, IKEA also moved thousands of people.

The IKEA store openings in Mons and Hasselt were the most successful since the brand set foot on Belgian soil with
27.000 new clients
IKEA isn't seen as a Swedish global brand anymore, but as a loved, local brand.