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Every consumer knows that IKEA offers affordable home decoration solutions for the entire family. Few people, however, know that IKEA can also contribute to making our daily behavior a little bit greener. Therefore, IKEA wanted to go a little further than traditional communication about sustainability by directly motivating people, showing them that energetic savings are simple to set up and lead to saving money, while keeping the same spirit as their previous campaign.


To engage and help people to lead more sustainable lives at home, IKEA & DDB invite them to pledge on a digital platform, using newsletters sent to the customer database and social media to reach people. For each of the 6 weeks the campaign went on for, a theme was unraveled along with three concrete pledges people could participate in. These consisted of rather simple gestures, showing them they don’t need to invest to get rewarded. This way, we showed them that green attitude is in the brand’s DNA, linking IKEA with green solutions in a unique way.

Sustainable Icons


First, IKEA FAMILY members were directed to the website IKEA.be/samengroener - IKEA.be/durableetvous via a weekly newsletter, before the campaign was displayed on social media. After the first week, two slightly different newsletters were sent to the people who were already involved and to those who weren't.

Thanks to the creation of a personal profile, every participant can see his own savings according to four metrics (CO2, kWh, litres of water & money). In addition, the energetic savings from all participants were aggregated on the website so people could also get a view of the collective benefit of the campaign.

Consumers also clearly understood the message we wanted to deliver: IKEA cares about the environment but also provides solutions to help you save energy, water, and money, whilst also reducing waste.


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