Tired of finding car buyers' cards on your car?

Volkswagen offers a fun response to those famous buyers' cards we get in parking lots. Although they're illegal, they continue to find their way to our car windows. Volkswagen made a useful and humoristic sticker to thank the buyers for their hard efforts.

You surely recognise them : those colored cards, usually with spelling mistakes, that car buyers slip into the driver's side window. They appear as if by magic in parking lots and usually end up on the ground. Most people find them frankly annoying. They're already banned in many towns, but it doesn't stop them from finding their way to our car windows.

“No publicity cards. I love my VW.”

Volkswagen now reacts with a fun idea to go against these buyers: a sticker. Based on the "No ads" on your letterbox, you can now also apply it to your car. This way you clearly tell these persistent buyers that you're not interested. The message on the sticker says: "No publicity cards. I love my VW". A simple solution but also efficient. Up until now, the results are positive. The people who have already displayed the sticker on their windows haven't been receiving any more cards.