Turning a living room into a skate-park

IKEA and DDB Brussels have launched their second TV spot, focusing on their annual theme : “Bring your living room to life”. This time, the spot takes place on Christmas day. Three sisters wake up before everybody else to secretly open their Christmas presents. They decide to try them out right away. Noticeably at the Christmas tree's expense.

The annual theme

IKEA’s mission is to allow Belgians to make the most of their homes, their time and their lives. The living room plays an essential role in the matter. On top of being the main room in the house, the living room can be so much more - depending on the moment, the situation and the age. IKEA wants to open Belgians eyes on the potential of their living room and show them that they can easily adapt it to their needs.

The campaign – which exists in digital, social media and TV format – was created by production company CZAR and director Joe Vanhoutteghem. The band “The Insiders” wrote and produced the track “Mind Made Up” especially for this production.