Unibet and DDB challenge your gut feeling

In the Champions League football, the best clubs in Europe face each other again. On basketball courts new dribbles are being performed. And at the Grand Slams tennis the sound of players grunting has returned.

This spring sports fans can lose themselves in the heat of the moment again. However, you need to find the right balance between emotion and reason. You may feel that there is a goal about to be made, but you may also know that most goals are scored in the first half of the game. Unibet gives its players access to a wide range of statistics, so they can challenge or confirm their gut feeling based on the latest available data.

In this TV and online campaign Unibet and DDB seek that tension between emotion and reason. A ball can suddenly turn into a pie chart, and a possible three pointer transforms into a probability calculation. That is how true players combine gut feeling with knowledge of the game. Discover the commercial of DDB for Unibet below.