Volkswagen and DDB Brussels launch the "ideal conditions"

Thanks to a new webshop, you now determine when and where to buy a Volkswagen.

Wednesday 29th of May 2019 – the secondhand market for online sales already exists for some time now. Henceforth however, you are only a few clicks away from ordering your Volkswagen online. You yourself now determine what the ideal conditions are when ordering your new car: while lounging in a hammock or as you’re sitting in your sofa, right in front of a fireplace. This insight served as a starting point for the platform’s launch campaign.

Saloon conditions, spring sales or open doors days … in the world of automobile, these “conditions” are a returning phenomenon. To pay homage to special conditions, DDB Brussels presents the “ideal conditions”, a campaign to launch Volkswagen’s online sales platform. In 3 online videos the characters present their slightly absurd, but ideal, conditions to buy a Volkswagen. The sky is the limit for the different scenarios, whether it’s your mother-in-law keeping insects at bay, a housekeeping dog doing your chores or the woman of your dreams walking out of the ocean. Nothing was too crazy for the content series that was directed by none other than Raf Reyntjens.

The campaign was conceived to tease candidates into discovering the online platform. Therefore, all videos immediately link to the webshop. In a first phase you can choose between the cars that are currently in stock, as well as requesting an offer and paying online. The platform evolves in a second phase, allowing users to customize their car and select the options they favor. Volkswagen is the first car brand in Belgium that sells new cars online, meeting the needs of every client possible, anytime, anyplace.