Volkswagen is the leading car brand in Belgium. Besides this being a great honour, it’s also a great opportunity to do something good with the many Volkswagen drivers on the road. It’s why Volkswagen, in collaboration with Croix-Rouge de Belgique and Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen, has chosen to initiate its more than 710,000 drivers on First Aid, thereby transforming them into “Rescue Drivers”. As a result, it is hoped that in the future, there should always be someone who knows what to do in the vital first few minutes of a crisis.

In Belgium, it is really not a good idea to have a cardiac arrest, as only few Belgians know what to do in the event of an emergency. And yet around 30 people1 need help every day. The fact is, and it’s partly due to the lack of people with the necessary courage and skill, barely 2 out of those 30 people survive2 . As the leading car brand in Belgium, Volkswagen wants to change this and has therefore chosen to launch its “Rescue Drivers” project.

Free first aid

710,346*. This is the exact number of Volkswagen drivers currently driving in Belgium. And all of them will receive a free First Aid initiation from Volkswagen, in collaboration with Croix-Rouge de Belgique and Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen. During a three-hour session, each driver will be given the necessary knowledge to respond appropriately in the event of a cardiac arrest or suffocation. To train as many Volkswagen drivers as possible to be “Rescue Drivers”, might help save more lives in the future. Immediately starting a reanimation can double the chances of survival or even quadruple3 them.

More safety

The campaign has been launched with an advertisement in the national newspapers. It includes a teasing headline that we think even drivers of the competition will find interesting. While all Volkswagen drivers will also receive a personal invitation, it is also possible to register at — whereupon you will receive a first aid initiation from the dealer of your choice.

After the initiation, each participant receives a unique “Rescue Drivers” logo that they can place on their car. This way they can show they’re part of the growing Volkswagen Rescue Drivers community.

“For us, safety is more than just the equipment on our cars,” says Jean-Marc Ponteville, PR Manager at Volkswagen Import Belgium. “The drivers of a Volkswagen can also play an active role when it comes to safety, in the car and outside as well.”

The intention is to continue these free initiation lessons in the future, in the hope of quickly having 710,346 additional potential care providers on the road. The campaign, initially at least, is only launched in Belgium

* Number confirmed by Febiac up to and including 31/12/2018.