Volkswagen CVI withstands even the strongest arms

DDB Brussels launched a new compaign for Volkswagen's commercial vehicles. To announce the opening of the Auto Show and their special offers, Volkswagen CVI launched a radio and poster campaign in which Belgian's strongest men are the heroes.

The Auto Salon is traditionnaly being held in the beginning of the month of January. DDB Brussels and Volkswagen CVI are the first to launch their campaign for commercial vehicles.

The campaign goes about workers' vehicles having to be as strong as their drivers. DDB's creatives translated that into a series of humoristic radio spots where the strength of the men is voluntarily exagerated, which can have consequences on the building site as much as it can in every day life.
The poster campaign consists of three visuals by the famous photographer Marc Paeps. In these shots, the workers have near-superhero powers, everything is seemingly light as a feather.

Volkswagen Caddy
Volkswagen Transporter
Volkswagen Crafter

FR - Avion

FR - Livreur

FR - Peintre

NL - Koerier

NL - Metser

NL - Schilder

A complete activation of the campaign

A tour of Belgium is planned in which the "strongest arms" compete taking turns slamming the Crafter's door as hard as possible, in the same way you would punch a punching ball. A series of 3 online videos announce the activation. In these videos, a very peculiar fitness coach gives lessons to prep for the activation.