VRT and DDB Brussels kick-start a new campaign

The new TV spots for "De Warmste Week" will surely give you goose bumps. VRT invited four volunteers to personally thank them in a very surprising way. A breathtaking launch of this year's new campaign.


The films end with en emotionnal sequence where the volunteers are personnally thanked by the people they helped last year. Bert got a hug from Leon's parents, a boy who died last year. Bert had made a guitar for the benefit of "Het Berrefonds", a fundraising organisation that supports parents who have suffered the loss of a child. The second volunteer, Kevin, was congratulated for organising a small comedy show. Koen who suffers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy disorder put his whole heart into thanking Kevin personally. A particularly moving moment.


"De Warmste Week" by Music For Life traditionally takes place one week before Christmas and invites everyone to organise one action for 1 of the 1000 selected projects. VRT launched the campaign this year with two spots. And two more will follow. The Warmathon, the Ketnet Koekenbak and the exclusive Christmas gadget sale are also in the agenda.