Wireless bungee jump

Giving IKEA a technological edge

IKEA is the world’s most famous home furnishing retailer, but the brand is seldom associated with groundbreaking technology. The wireless charging features are new to IKEA’s range and came as a surprise to many. So did our campaign.


When electronic giants like Samsung or HTC communicate about innovations, they’d highlight all of its technical specs. IKEA changed the conversation and surprised people with a stunt that doesn’t mention any of these. Instead, the key product benefit was translated into a compelling video about the future of wireless technology, and what it could mean for people.

Although the bungee stunt itself didn’t break any world records, our campaign broke records for IKEA.
Sales and reach records.

3 million
views in Belgium
online conversations
+ 43%

Thanks to a whopping 3 million views in Belgium and over 30.000 online conversations, sales of the wireless technology rocketed by 43% in the weeks after the launch.

IKEA Wireless

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The documentary was picked up internationally by both entertainment sites like 9GAG and science sites who played along with the hoax.