RECUPEL and DDB track missing fridges

Every year, more than 600,000 new fridges and deep freezers are purchased in Belgium. You would think all the appliances being replaced would end up in recycling, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Only 400,000 fridges and deep freezers are adequately processed during the year. A concerning fact when one realises that the 200,000 missing ones are a potential catastrophe for our planet.

A first phase to sound the alarm

To do something about this, DDB Brussels and Recupel have developed a teaser poster campaign aimed at informing Belgians about the problem. Each poster is a ‘missing’ fridge alert. The CTA takes people to the website, where the problem is further explained: more than 200,000 fridges and deep freezers end up outside of the recycling circuit because they are misplaced somewhere or not processed in the right way.

A fridge is more than just a load of scrap. It contains metals and plastics, but also gasses and other materials that can be a health hazard and a danger to nature. In fact, a poorly recycled fridge emits as much CO2 as a car driving 7,500 km. It is therefore of vital importance that people don’t just leave their old fridge on the street. Instead, it should be taken to the appropriate collection point to ensure the recycling circuit can do its work.

The danger is real. There is no point in just sticking one’s head in the sand. This is why Recupel has decided it’s time to act.

And a second phase geared towards the future

For the second part of the campaign, all Belgians have been invited by DDB and Recupel to participate in a national activation campaign. A number of people have agreed to let their used fridge be tracked with the objective of mapping the recycling chain. This operation will see 100 fridges being tracked, from their starting point to their final resting place. The collected data will be used to identify gaps in the network and to ascertain where fridges are being lost and where action needs to be undertaken to make sure recycling is optimal in the future. In this way, each participant can see where their fridge has ended up in the recycling circuit. What can be won? A private concert at the winner’s home by The Black Box Revelation, this operation’s partners. And Bluetooth speakers made from recycled plastic. This action will be supported through social media and banner advertising, and will end on the 12th of March 2020.