Petits Riens

The Yellow

A new donation habit for unworn clothes

Charity organisation Petits Riens collects clothes that people don’t wear anymore. It then sells them to raise money. All profits are invested directly into initiatives that fight poverty.

We wanted to improve the quality of donations, and make them more regular, by installing a new habit.


We all keep too many clothes in our wardrobes. Things that don’t fit, things we haven’t worn for years. By entering people’s wardrobes, the yellow hanger is a constant reminder to give clothes that they no longer wear - every time they open their wardrobe. Poverty charity Les Petits Riens asked Belgians to reveal their unworn clothes by putting them on a yellow hanger for a trial period. If they remained on the hanger without ever being worn, the hanger encouraged them to donate the clothes.

Les Petits Riens - The Yellow Hanger
Les Petits Riens - The Yellow Hanger